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A database designed to serve as a comprehensive resource of data for botulinum research (Lebeda 2004)

BotDB is no longer being supported.

Literature: The queries on botulinum and tetanus subset of citations, performed through botXminer, the first successful implementation of MEDLINE Extensible Markup Language (XML) articles in an object relational schema (Mudunuri et al. 2006), are now available through the Tool for Text Mining (ToTeM). Tools: The IC50-to-Ki converter (Cer et al. 2009) computes Ki values from experimentally determined IC50 values for inhibitors of enzymes that obey classic Michaelis-Menten kinetics and of protein-ligand interactions.

This IC50-to-Ki converter is now available at ABCS Bioinfo IC50_Ki_Converter page.

If you are looking for any other feature or tool previously available though BotDB please contact us at abccdbs[AT]

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