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BoNT Candidate Inhibitors

As research in BoNT candidate inhibitors continues to expand, BotDB candidate inhibitor database is also expected to grow. Search or view inhibitors in BotDB database using different fields: author name, IC50, inhibition site, inhibitor type, Ki, inhibitor name, PMID, serotype and structure.
In cases where a candidate inhibitor exhibits inhibition on more than one serotype, it will be displayed more than once in the result page. For instance, 3,4-DAP exhibits inhibition on serotypes A, B, C1, and E and therefore will be displayed four times on the result page.

Search candidate inhibitors by

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Type Count
Synthetic 34
Peptide 27
Natural Compound 2
Monoclonal Antibody 6
Serotype Count
BoNT E 2
BoNT F 6
BoNT B 7
BoNT C1 1
BoNT A 60

Reference Count
Anne C et al., 2003 1
Eubanks LM et al., 2007 12
Adler M et al., 1998 1
Schmidt JJ and RG Stafford, 2005 6
Kumaran D et al., 2008 4
Shi YL and Li MF, 2007 3
Simpson LL, 1988 4
Eswaramoorthy S et al., 2002 1
Amersdorfer P et al., 2002 6
Burnett JC et al., 2003 9
Tang J et al., 2007 2
Burnett JC et al., 2007 4
Silvaggi NR et al., 2007 3
Lundh H et al., 1977 3
Schmidt JJ et al., 1998 16
Silvaggi NR et al., 2008 1

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